Cancer Horoscope June 2022 – Predictions of love and career

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Welcome June, darling Cancer crab. Your season starts this month and there is something to celebrate. Unfortunately, due to the retrograde Mercury and the chaotic lunar eclipse, the end of May was rather stressful. Fortunately, life cools when Mercury goes straight to Taurus Friday, June 3creates a clear path for communication and easy travel for the rest of your birthday season.

The next day, on Saturday, June 4, Saturn, the “task maker” of the zodiac, goes to the retrograde position in Aquarius. Saturn controls the rules and responsibilities, which may sound like no fun, but thanks to the community-oriented influence of Aquarius, this retrograde sees you doing what you do best, Cancer, by spending quality time with the people you love. Remember, it’s your birthday season, which means honoring your loyal friends, family and lovers who will always show up at your party. It also means letting go of the poisonous ex who are still pulling for your nostalgic heart.

Mercury enters its Gemini home sign Monday, June 13to help you handle any difficult conversations related to personal property with grace. Whether it means asking a roommate not to borrow your clothes without asking or talking about money at work, the planets will come together for peaceful discussions on challenging topics.

Remember, dear Cancer, Mother Moon rules you, so the lunar affects you more than the others. Tuesday, June 14, brings a clear full moon in the domineering Sagittarius, which can cause otherwise quiet conversations to turn into petty brawls. Thanks to summer and birthday activities, you will be very busy this month, so if you need a night to stay in Netflix and relax, the full moon is a great time to lie down.

Your season is starting Tuesday, June 21, a sweet crab that also marks the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. While your birthday season encourages you to be loved and captivated by others, try not to get into your crab shell. You are a sign of deep friendship and family, but you can also build emotional walls. Your task this season of Cancer is to cut them down and let love in.

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When Venus, the goddess of love, money and beauty, enters the flirty Gemini Wednesday, June 22, you feel called to play with the summer look or get turned into a full birthday. From butterfly pads to razors, there are many trends you can play with. The ideal night to stay and enjoy taking care of yourself and beauty is the new moon in your sign Tuesday, June 28. While the full moons are dramatic and primordial, the new moons offer a fresh start, whether you’re setting personal goals or simply playing with pastel eyeliner.

Also on Tuesday, June 28, creative Neptune returns to its home sign Pisces. While the dream planet is retrograde, you are asked to adopt new ways to enjoy life. This means starting a new hobby or, as mentioned earlier, working to reduce the emotional walls so that you can fully enjoy your intimate relationships. And if it sounds daunting, know that there are plenty of affordable therapists who will be happy to help you with this journey. Happy solar return, Cancer, and see you next month.


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