Best Buy is expanding into skin care

Best Buy is no longer just a seller of a new vacuum cleaner or school supplies. Now you can also buy the necessary skin care in a technical destination. The brands we love – Foreo, Vanity Planet and PMD Beauty – we arrived online and 300 stores last week – now at your fingertips.

Best Buy also offers one of our favorite new products of the year: TheraFace Pro ($ 399), a takeaway device that provides LED, percussive, cooling and facial cleansing therapy.

“Over the last few years, we’ve seen incredible innovations in beauty – from existing brands to new ones launched each year,” said Frank Bedo, senior vice president of e-commerce and merchandising at Best Buy. WWD. “No one knows technology like Best Buy, and with such impressive new advances in this space, we’re excited to be a place where customers can discover these new possibilities.”

The move comes after many store inventory adjustments in March 2021, when the company teamed up with Apple to expand into wellness and medical technology through Apple Watch. According to RetailDiveBest Buy has also released health and safety tools for seniors and acquired Current Health, a technology platform for home care and sensitive remote care. With beauty on its list, Best Buy expands the reach of its customers and keeps pace with the climatic conditions for beauty and wellness.

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