Avène’s new retinol alternative is approved for sensitive skin

As someone with sensitive skin who does not tolerate any amount of retinol, I have resigned myself to life without a beloved product in my regimen until I absolutely need it, ie when I am 30. Many brands offer fine formulations. enough for sensitive skin, but I personally have not found a winner yet. However, I have found an alternative to retinol that promises to provide all the same benefits without irritation – Avène RetrinAL 3-in-1 Advanced Correcting Serum ($ 78).

This serum seems to do everything, hence the name 3 in 1. It has been clinically proven to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and uneven skin tone, while brightening the skin and restoring brightness. Avène has been in RetrinAL for a while with various creams and an under-eye helper, but the new serum takes the line to a whole new level. The brand fills its RetrinAL products with the French pharmacy ethos and Avène thermal water, making them excellent for sensitive skin types.

The main ingredient in the formulation is bacuchiol, a popular natural alternative to retinol, which has been shown to be just as effective without side effects. The serum also contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate and fill the skin, niacinamide to strengthen the skin barrier and brighten the skin, pre-tocopheryl for antioxidants that protect against free radicals, and thermal water Avène to soothe and soften the skin.

While other retinols and retinol alternatives are often sticky, heavy and irritating, this serum is hydrating, lightweight and dreams of applying. Although I only started using it once a day, dermatologist Elyse Love, MD of New York, says it’s so gentle that it’s safe to use it day and night. So far, it seems that my dry, sensitive skin loaded with rosacea has popularized this product and I have not noticed any negative side effects. My friends with sensitive skin can try this serum without any worries.

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