3 trends you should know about the biggest aesthetic encounter in 2022

The Aesthetic Society is always the biggest aesthetic meeting of the year. However, the meeting in 2022, held in sunny San Diego, California, had a particularly unique energy as one of the first major conferences in person since the pandemic. The experts enthusiastically shared new performances, new findings and new trends from last year and are eager to discover what will come in the future. During the meeting, we noticed several trends that are worth mentioning.

Minimally invasive cellulite procedures

Uncompromising cellulite has always been something that people have tried to solve, but until recently there were almost no effective, non-invasive options. There are now several ways to choose from.

Qwo, the first and only FDA-approved injection option to help improve moderate to severe buttock cellulite in women, has shown amazing results. In addition, at the Aesthetics Meeting, Revelle Aesthetics introduced Avéla, an innovative FDA-approved device that temporarily reduces the incidence of cellulite on the buttocks and thighs.

Micro channeling

A unique session called a “hot topic” was “Microstamping and microinjection – an overview of available techniques and equipment”. The session guided the physician through the process of administering the microchannel treatment. Some of the benefits outlined in the session included improving skin appearance, promoting cell stimulation, softening pores, hydration, reducing sebum production, improving acne scars, and clearer skin. Micro channeling is painless and personalized and requires minimal downtime.

Increase in body procedures

As many friends and colleagues gathered at the conference for the first time in years, they pondered how the industry had changed as a result of the pandemic. “If you talk to any plastic surgeon in the country, he mentions that the practices are busier,” New York plastic surgeon Mokhtar Asaadi, MD told us.

He noted that at first he thought the cause was endless meetings with Zoom, as more people stared at their faces on the screen all day. However, experts have also seen a sharp increase in body surgery, with the Aesthetic Society saying there has been a 63 percent increase in body surgery since 2020. Now Dr. Asaadi said he believes the increase in cosmetic surgery is the result of people having the ability to stay at home and recover. Whatever the cause, he said his practice has never been so busy in the last 40 years.

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